Launch of DemWrite Press

I am very pleased to finally bring this long-term vision to fruition. This site will be dedicated to sharing real-time, critical information that is vital to preserving American democracy.

Over time, I intend to add knowledgeable contributors in four key topical areas: Blue Wave, Election Integrity, Anti-Corruption & Civic Education. Please subscribe to the site so that you receive emails when new posts come up.

Welcome to DemWrite Press

– Nick Knudsen

10 thoughts on “Launch of DemWrite Press

  1. Thank you Nick! Our Strong Women Action Network platform is ready to support all your efforts!

  2. Excellent Nick!!! This is a great new place to read up on candidates, etc. So happy you have it up and running!

  3. Please cover voter suppression – reducing hours & days polls are open, picture ID requirement, eliminating early voting & weekend voting, closing polling altogether, etc.
    If a polling place had a 3-hour wait to vote in last election, this should have been fixed by now, with more staff, more machines or whatever they’re using to record votes; this is another voter suppression tactic. And if POTUS sends federal marshals to monitor certain places to “prevent voter fraud” or to “keep order”, well that’s the end of our democracy.

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