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Democracy In Peril: Fighting abuses of power and the rise of an American autocratic kleptocracy
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Money in Politics: Revealing how money drives politics & policy, and exploring solutions to curtail it
The GOP Con: Exposing how the right wing swindles everyday Americans, and why we fall for it
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The Pen Sisters: “Unpublished” – Part 2

Leo Sullivan sitting on many babies meals DISCLAIMER:  SOME STRONG LANGUAGE.  PLEASE BE ADVISED.  These past 5 months have been an eye-opening experience, to say the least. Things have progressed rapidly since last Wednesday, when Jenny and I interviewed authors Ebony Diamonds and Bianca Marie, formerly signed to Leo Sullivan Presents, on Backwards & In … Continue reading The Pen Sisters: “Unpublished” – Part 2

The Pen Sisters: “Unpublished” (Part I)

What’s your worse nightmare? Losing everything you’ve worked hard for? Being unable to provide for your family? Having to explain to your children why you can’t come through this time? Well, for many authors signed under Leo Sullivan Presents, the end of last year began the saga that became their worst nightmare. On or about … Continue reading The Pen Sisters: “Unpublished” (Part I)

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